Using the Whole Family Approach to Overcome Unexpected Obstacles

Randy and Lenore Locke were facing a variety of challenges — the bank was threatening a foreclosure on their home, Lenore was facing cognitive challenges from a fall, and their son, Travis, was struggling in school.

Due to her injury, Lenore could not work, forcing the family to give up their home to the bank. They came to the Family Strengthening Network (FSN) through Travis’ school. Once paired with a coach, the family identified their financial, health and education goals for the future and set in plan a place to achieve them. To reach their housing goals, the Family Strengthening Network connected Randy and Lenore to Cash for Keys, earning $3,000 to move out of their home and in with friends. The Lockes then worked with FSN to create a budget and save so that they could move into a new apartment soon thereafter.

Adding to the challenges the family was already facing, Randy tore his retina and received emergency surgery. The Lockes faced mounting medical bills while Randy was forced to take off from work. The family received donations to pay rent and any outstanding medical bills. Thanks to the generosity of their social support network, Randy was able to recover fully without financial stress and return to work.

Randy and Lenore also worked with FSN to connect Travis with the academic assistance he needed. Due to his home situation, his grades were suffering, and his behavior was becoming disruptive. Lenore met with a family advocate to develop a positive behavior plan for Travis, including rewards for good behavior. Now, Travis has an entire team ensuring his success. Travis began meeting with an in-home counselor, where he was able to combat depression and behavioral issues. At school, he was moved to a smaller classroom with fewer distractions. In addition, Travis’ home therapist and coach met regularly with his entire family to make sure he was on track. With encouragement, Travis joined the Century 21 club at his school, where he was able to do his homework, take part in activities and build friendships. The hard work is paying off. Travis’ grades have vastly improved, receiving all A’s and B’s on his last report card.

The Whole Family Approach enabled the Locke family to focus on their goals for the entire family and helped them recognize and utilize the valuable resources and social support networks that exist in their community. Working as one, the Locke family has combatted their challenges and is making strides towards the future they dream of.