Overcoming the Burden of Debt with the Whole Family Approach

Overcoming the burden of debt is an experience many families can relate to. Mark and Karen Logrande are no exception. They felt stifled by the weight of their debt and hoped that strengthening their finances would enable them to spend more time with their kids. By working hard with the Family Strengthening Network (FSN), the Lograndes successfully decreased their debt, increased their savings, established an emergency fund and were able to spend more time with their young boys.

The journey began once they were connected with an FSN family advocate and put a plan in place to achieve their goals, starting with decreasing their student debt and other loans. To help with this effort, the family developed a new routine for their children so Karen can work regularly from home – this has increased their monthly income by $400. In addition, Karen and Mark began to set time aside at least twice a month to discuss their budget. With this newly earned money, they can save and make plans for purchases like Christmas presents and other items their family might enjoy.

Through hard work and determination, the family has significantly reduced their total debt. They have also begun a savings account and they plan to add $100 per month. With these new changes, they are well on their way to achieving the financial stability goals they set for themselves.

After meeting many of their financial goals, the family was moved into the “maintenance phase” of FSN’s program. During this phase, the Lograndes will continue to communicate with their family advocate and with each other about their financial and family goals.

Support from the Lograndes’ family advocate and church community has been instrumental in promoting the family’s newfound independence and stability. Mark and Karen are eager to give to others the support that helped their family reach their goals. In their efforts to give back, they have assisted in a Christmas fundraiser, offered informal donations to help support new FSN families, and plan to participate in the Family Day of Service for the fourth year. By working together and committing themselves to achieving their goals, the Logrande family has been able to climb up the economic ladder and thrive in their community. They have transformed their lives — and now are helping to transform the lives of others.