Rebuilding Life After Incarceration Through the Whole Family Approach

Gabriel Smith was recently released from prison after a six-year sentence. While incarcerated, he made strides toward his future, earning his high school diploma. Upon release, he was connected to Stronger Families to help him reintegrate into his family and community. Though Gabriel and his wife are divorced, they remained dedicated to working together to raise their young daughter.

Immediately following his release, Gabriel worked with Stronger Families to find short-term housing. He then met with a Stronger Families coach to identify goals for his life ahead and put in place a plan to achieve them. Gabriel set forth to find housing, secure immediate employment, save money for an apartment and nurture his relationship with his daughter while petitioning for shared custody.

With guidance from Stronger Families on local resources and support networks to tap into, Gabriel secured stable, long-term housing and found a job within three days of his release. With boosted confidence, Gabriel is also well on his way to building a lasting relationship with his daughter.