Working Together for Working Families

Too many of America’s working, low-income families are one crisis or one paycheck away from falling into poverty. The Whole Family Approach, a family-led strategy, equips families with the tools and social support needed to strengthen their relationships, establish stability and plan for their future.

Pascale Sykes Foundation presents, Working Together for Working Families, a series of timely discussions with leaders in the field of family services. Through engaging discussions, guests share the many applications of the Whole Family Approach in guiding families to achieve sustainable futures.

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Episode 1 – Back to School: Now What? Education through the lens of the Whole Family Approach

Episode 2 – Money Matters: Family and Finances

Episode 3 – Funding What Works: How donors can invest in whole family programs

Episode 4 – Faith and Family

Episode 5 – Public Policy in Action: Responding to Families in the State of New Jersey

Episode 6 – Supporting Small Black Business

Episode 7 – Public Policy in Action, Part 2: Responding to Families at the Administration for Children and Families

Episode 8 – Transportation Equity

Episode 9 – The Immigration Factor – Family Resilience of the Undocumented During Covid

Episode 10 – Fatherhood: Supporting Fathers to be Good Dads

Episode 11 – Homelessness and the Whole Family Approach

Episode 12 – Collaboration as Part of the Whole Family Approach

Episode 13 – Keeping Families Whole: A Conversation with the New Regional Administrator for ACF Region 2

Episode 14 – Trauma and Resilience for Whole Families: A conversation with Dr. Bruce Perry and Rev. Darrell Armstrong