Focused Analysis of Unidos Para La Familia

There are many factors that influence success within collaboratives such as UPF. Through the holistic system that UPF has employed, there is a level of complexity in the widespread network or resources, staff, and targeted services available to families. At the same time, there is also a straightforward, caring nature in the relationship cultivated by family advocates with families and their ability to match their needs. Family advocates plan and implement family-specific programs aimed at building adults’ capacity to support education advocacy, health and wellness, financial stability, and community relationships. UPF family advocates reduce barriers that interfere with engagement while developing partnerships among community members. The staff empowers and provides culturally sensitive services and resources that are responsive to each family’s needs, and families are able to direct their involvement in productive and healthy outlets. UPF’s successful implementation embraces family participation and engagement, focuses on family strengths and assets, finance strategy, health and wellness resources, and educational advocacy. Rather than using a single tool, UPF’s comprehensive model represents a mindset and approach that carries extensive long term benefits for families through culturally sensitive services.

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