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For three decades the Pascale Sykes Foundation focused on empowering families to strengthen relationships, establish stability, and reach their goals.

The Pascale Sykes Foundation has closed its doors on December 31, 2022.

This website is a culmination of resources about the Whole Family Approach. All information is the sole proprietorship of the Pascale Sykes Foundation. Should you require additional information related to this website click here.

To learn more about the decades-long work of the Pascale Sykes foundation visit the website.

The final results are in…

Primary Outcome: Families who engage in a Whole Family Approach experience significant improvements in healthy relationships, financial stability, and child well-being.

We have learned that supporting families requires focusing both on individuals’ needs and the whole family’s needs. Treat the family unit as the client. Coaches work with individual family members while also considering the family’s needs. Coaches guide families in strengthening their internal communication.
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“The evaluation data indicates that families who participated in the Whole Family Approach had stronger family relationships, a reduction in financial challenges over time, and improved educational outcomes and aspirations. Another key finding was the flexibility of the Whole Family Approach and of the non-profit organizations implementing the Approach, as they were able to tailor the services and support they provided to families and children in the communities they served.”—Mavis Asiedu-Frimpong, Director of the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs

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